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Sunday, 15 December 2019

French Provincial Style - Bedroom Sideboard

This gorgeous feminine sideboard has been waiting a long time for it's finishing touches.

Purchased 3 years ago for $50 off Gumtree it had to wait for our farmhouse to be finished first, then wait in line for other pieces to be finished that were in the main living areas. It made it into the bedroom last Christmas but only a few months ago did I finish white waxing it!

It started out a rather dull brown - but the carved wood features gave it character and I felt it is was suited to a bedroom. Here it is before it's make over.

It probably dates back to the early 1900's and is finished with a shellac.

So face mask on I set about sanding it lightly to give the paint something to adhere to and also because the old finish was already a bit dusty and I didn't want it to affect my new paint finish.

I wasn't overly in love with the handles on the drawers, they had little faces on them that I think are cherubs but I found them a little creepy for some reason! So I tried to remove them, but they are stubborn little so and so's and refused to budge. So I decided to compromised and paint over them.

I then wiped it over with a damp cloth to remove the dust and applied two coats of Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Aged Grey - I didn't prime this piece as it didn't have lots of darker areas like knotty pine for example, so I wasn't too concerned with the old dark wood bleeding through.

I painted the handles and then rubbed them back with an old kitchen scourer to reveal some of the metal again. This toned down the little grinning face so I could sleep at night without feeling like I was being watched!!

I then lightly distressed the raised areas that would normally get some wear and tear.

This lovely lady then sat in my bedroom for many months until I found time to give her a more French Provincial finish with some Miss Mustard Seeds white wax. I wanted the waxing to be subtle and gentle since it was in our bedroom.

She now looks lovely decorated for Christmas with a simple rustic tree and sitting below a mirror I made over from bright gold (that's my next post).

Detail of the door carving - I may yet add another coat of white wax around the edges, but for now at least the piece is considered finished.

I left the top of the sideboard unpainted and after sanding it back to natural I stained it with the same stain I used on our ensuite vanity to tie them together visually. The carving at the back of the sideboard top is lovely and one of my favourite parts of this piece.

For those who follow my blog it has been a lean year for posts - I had a lot of work on and also had a sad year with the loss of my two gorgeous Groodle dogs within 3 months of each other, this spurred me to add a dog page to the blog though, so I will be adding in all the dogs that have shared our life here on the farm - so dog lovers stay tuned for more on that front. We have also been battling drought and having to feed out hay every day for our alpacas and water the garden to keep it alive - this eats away at any spare time for blogging - but hopefully next year I will be more prolific! :)

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  1. WOW!! This one I gotta see in the flesh! I remember when you first bought it. You amaze me the time you put into projects when so busy with everything else. This drought is surely a challenge. Look forward to the doggie page...that'll be exciting! The departed and the here and now. xx Merry Christmas and may 2020 be kind to you and the family and doggies (which I know are family!) and us all. xx


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