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8th August, 2019

If you are reading this as a dog lover you will understand every word I write about those most wonderful of natures gifts - dogs.

But if you have not yet experienced life with a dog, or feel that dogs are over rated by fawning owners bewitched by what you may see as a messy, noisy, bothersome creatures, bringing only havoc and mayhem to what is otherwise a perfectly ordered life; then dear reader, I sincerely pray for you rapid conversion, because you are missing out on what may well be life's greatest pleasure - being loved by a dog!

Cody - a dog of a lifetime

After losing our dog Cody recently I realised (yet again) just what an integral part of our lives our dogs can be.

They come into our lives with boundless energy as puppies, and over time wriggle their way into every nook and cranny of our existence. Then suddenly one day they leave us and we realise yet again the power of dogs to bring depth, joy and added meaning to our lives.

This page is not a sad lament at the loss of the dogs that have graced my life on the farm, but a tribute to the the spirit of friendship, the fun, the laughter, and at times the insanity, dogs both past and present have given me, and that have been my honour to know.

"Dogs are everything humans strive to be"

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