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Calendars Become Wall Art

Most years I buy one of the many high quality calendars produced by the Lang Company in the USA. They are not the cheapest calendars you can buy, especially since for us in Australia they are imported. But these calendars don't end their life at the end of the year, they take on their new job as wall art when the new year starts, so they are well worth the few extra dollars. The paper they are printed on is high quality heavy weight so is easy to mount in a frame.

I've been known to buy them at a discount throughout the year, sometimes with the sole purpose in mind of using their images to update my decor. It's quite simple to swap out the pages in your picture frames once the calendar is no longer in use when the year comes to a close.

In previous years I have found some lovely designs - one with a variety of watercolour paintings depicting fruits in soft muted blues and greens really suited the colour palette in our house, and I have framed some of the nicest ones in simple white frames and placed them in our dining room.

This year I decided to go all in on the vintage farm theme depicted in the 'Farmhouse' calendar with artwork by Chad Barrett. I really enjoy his rendering of old farm signs/advertising like you would have seen in decades past. Whilst the calendars are actually being used as calendars I hang them in a wall frame designed for that purpose. I bought mine literally decades ago when I first discovered these wonderful quality calendars. It hangs in the pantry just off the kitchen and the farmhouse theme fits well with the kitchen vibe since many of it's designs depict fresh produce.

The bonus with many of these calendars is that you get a free download of the images for each month to use as computer screen wallpaper - so you can enjoy the designs in several areas of your home or office.

These are some of my favourites from this years calendar, and one of the designs ties in well with my love of bee related everything - I may frame that one and place it in a small display with a rope bee skep - like the one I made here with a DIY tutorial.

In years past I have enjoyed these beautiful bee related designs in the whole calendar - this one below from 2020 is called BEE-U-Tiful Life by Deb Strain from Legacy Calendars (available through Lang distributors) - I was in bee heaven! So far she has created new versions of this bee theme for the past few years - so if you love bee themes as much as I do then you may still be able to find one available online for this year or hopefully she does another one next year. These make great artwork to use in frames for vignettes around the home, little areas of decor design that you change out for the season or holiday occasions.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I reuse calendars in my home - they are too beautiful to throw away once the year has passed and the December designs of course are useful for your Christmas decor in following years.


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