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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

Little Red Christmas Wagon

I had this idea for a little red wagon like the ones kids pulled along with their toys in decades past. The idea sat in the back of my mind for ages and finally this year I brought it to life.

I made this little wagon from scrap timber I had laying about, but basically it's 10cm high x 2cm thick pine, cut into 2 lengths of approx 45cm long and 2 shorter pieces approx 30cm long.

I nailed the pieces together after first drilling some pilot holes so as not to split the timber to create a box, I also used wood glue for extra strength. I then cut a piece of plywood for the base and glued and nailed it to one side of the box to create the base.

I painted the exterior sides of the wagon in a vintage red I made from adding some raw umber craft paint to some bright red craft paint.

I made the wheels by cutting some circles using a large hole saw from some maple and painted them with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint, that I then sanded to distress and let the timber show through. If you don't have a hole saw, you could use thick wooden coasters as an alternative. I screwed the wheels into the sides of the cart at a height that allowed the cart to have clearance off the ground of about 3cm. For the white hub caps I painted some plumbers cover plates in gloss white spray paint and glued them onto the wheels to cover the screws with hot glue, I needed to add some packing to bridge between the wheel and the cover plate for the glue to stick to, I used wooden beads.

Lastly I cut the tops off some some plastic caps made for pipes and glued those on.

On the front of the cart I screwed on a small pipe saddle painted with the same oil rubbed bronze paint and lopped some rope through.

I gave all the wooden parts a coat of matt clear sealer, leaving the inside of the wagon natural wood. The text on the side was done using stamps and white chalk paint.

If you have some basic wood working skills this is a half day project and a cute vintage style edition to your Christmas decor. :)


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