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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

So It begins...

Today we broke the ground for the footings for our new farm house.

Many years in the dreaming and planning this house was all in my head, then with a floor plan with dimensions ready to go I found a draftsman to draw up the plans to what I hoped would be our dream farm

I sent him my floor plan and a multi page PDF 'style guide' with images of the style of house I was looking for - weatherboard, gables (lots of gables), large windows - instructions that it must be a house filled with light & I had even specified the brand of windows I wanted - verandah post thickness, stairs style, etc etc.

After a site visit & several reworks on the roofline - pitch, gable placement etc we had our plans ready to go.

So a request for quotes from several builders was sent off and in due course we received 4 quotes - with quite a bit of price variation - we didn't go with the cheapest or the most expensive (especially since that builder couldn't make the effort to even visit the site).

Thus we come to today - the first day of the dream house that would be....

Follow along as we watch the house grow from nothing but ideas to reality, then the fun begins - the interior decoration! It won't be a quick to journey in that department I warn you now, I will spend months and in some cases years hunting down the right pieces of furniture/decor, making do with what we have already until the right pieces that are affordable and also fit the vintage farmhouse vibe are found.

It's not always an easy thing to do, especially finding the vintage items, they are just not available in every furniture or decor store. You have to hunt them down, at markets, garage sales, online - Gumtree, Etsy and Ebay are my go to places. For me it's the modern day version of a treasure hunt, it may not be in the jungles of exotic locations around the globe, but trust me, it's still a jungle out there and you know exactly what I mean if you ever had to battle it out for something on Ebay! Those last tense minutes before a listing ends whilst you are the current winning bidder, hoping some anonymous buyer doesn't pip you at post. Heart pumping adventure awaits you there!

Footings dug out & cement being poured

house - our home on the hill....


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