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5 Decor Gems At Kmart

Yes, I said Kmart, not the usual store your mind first goes to for Modern Farmhouse/French Provincial/English country inspired decor - but I was pleasantly surprised! So I'm posting this now in June 2024 while Kmart Australia has these in stock (last time I checked) if you decide you want to buy any of these very affordable decor gems.

The Pink Quilt

For a long time I have been looking for a quilted coverlet/bedspread with scalloped edges in the softest dusty pink and preferably at an affordable price.

So on one of my regular treks through the internet looking for those items on my mental checklist, I came across this in the search results for 'quilt pink scalloped' - ooh, that looked like the perfect colour, a closer look - what?! it was at Kmart, and this is the best part, it was on sale for $25 (previously $35). I have never 'added anything to cart' as fast as I did on this item. What a bargain & it's the most beautiful colour plus the fabric is super soft. I won't use it as a full quilt but rather folded at the bottom of the bed for extra warmth & because I just enjoy how it looks.

The perfect colour matching quilt/doona cover

But that's not all bargain hunters - I found this lovely floral watercolour patterned doona/quilt cover that beautifully matches with the colour of my quilt. I bought that the same day - also from Kmart and also a bargain at only $20!

A round of applause if you will for the Florence Quilt Cover Set, with it's beautiful pretty design. Wow, someone in the design team at Kmart is on the mark this season.

Here they are combined on the bed - makes me happy every day to see the harmony in colour they create. Although the Florence design is a slightly more contemporary pattern that could suit a wide range of decor styles, I felt it still worked in my more traditional decor style & it just looks so pretty with the quilt

Affordable Marble

If your bathroom vanity is anything like mine, bathroom stuff collects there, it roams about looking messy without a care in the world. But I was on a mission to corral the meandering items & add a little style in the process. I had seen these marble trays elsewhere online, but the price was always a bit much considering I needed two of them, one for me & one for hubby. But Kmart has these ones for only $15 - they measure 28cmW x 20cmD x 3cmH & they are real marble, not plastic. So I now have the hand soap, lotion & the cotton buds in a pretty little cut glass container I picked up at a local flea market all contained. I finished the group with a cute little planter to add some greenery.

Hubbies side isn't so pretty, more practical but at least now it's all tidy, it's amazing how the same items can look messy spread out, but when organised into an attractive boundary they transform.

The fancy drink dispenser

This is a little more bling than I normally have in the kitchen but for parties I thought it would add a little sparkle & the price was too good to ignore, this dispenser is large - holds 4.6 litres & weighs a hefty 4.5kg empty, measuring 51.2cm high, it's all glass apart from the tap which is gold tone plastic. The price? A whole $25!! Bring on the bling!

Faux plant in pot

It's hard to find artificial plants that at least from a distance look realistic, but this one from Kmart isn't too bad - the pot has a nice soft mottled stone finish that would blend well with most decor styles/colours. At just $25 it's a nice size for the price.

That's the round up of my budget friendly decor gems I found at Kmart, and no, I have no affiliation with them, no shares in Kmart stocks - just wanted to share my pleasant surprise at both the style and price I found there! Give credit where credit is due. :)

For none Australian readers, the current conversion is around 67 cents USD to $1 AUD - hopefully the Kmart in your town stocks the same items if you have fallen in love with one of these gems.


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