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A visit to the Bredbo Christmas Barn - Magical!

If you have worries on your mind or the weight of the world on your shoulders then you can check them at the door, as once you enter the Bredbo Christmas Barn you will be surrounded by a world of Christmas magic that overrides every other thought you had in your head.

This place is the ultimate escape for the lover of all things Christmas. There isn't enough space in your mind for anything but trying to absorb the atmosphere and shear volume of this visually amazing feel good place, where it seems every childhood dream of Christmas has come home to roost.

So come inside and follow me through a maze of Christmas delights.....

The Bredbo Christmas Barn is a must do if you even have half a jingle in your step, and a real bucket list item if you are jingle all the way!

My friend Jenny and I made the trip to the barn on a Friday before the weekend crowds, and it was busy and buzzing but not crowded, you could find yourself alone often enough to admire the delights on offer in one of the many themed sections.

The barn is laid out in meandering but still defined 'room's based on a theme such as the woodland section or the pastel section and so on. In each themed area the tree decorations are hung by the hundreds on the walls, the larger pieces are set on shelves and on or in lovely vintage style tables or cabinets that add to the whole ambience. Each section has a tree or trees in most cases decorated with the theme, showing you how you can use the decorations available for sale for best effect, and hung from the ceiling are even more decorations and tree skirts etc.

On entry to the Christmas Barn through the fairly non assuming front doors you are met with a blaze of colour, sparkle and a traditional Christmas scene, reindeer, snowmen, red white and green decor.

Passing the woodland theme and venturing deeper into the room you discover a range of decorations catering to lovers of everything from farm animals, to Australiana and Santas of all kinds and in all sizes.

Spin around and you will see an almost life size nutcracker standing guard back near the front door.

Passing the front desk you enter an area at least twice as large as the first part filled with even more themes to consider.

I find that if you have a plan of action before entering the Christmas barn and being swept up in it's mind boggling array of Christmas goodies, then you have a much better chance of actually leaving with items that you wanted to buy, as well as all those wonderful new discoveries! I was hunting for some pastel ornaments for a tree I started decorating last year and added some lovely little items to my collection. A pink mercury glass heart with silver crown, a lovely pink glass bird, plus a gorgeous small tree inspired by antique style diamond jewellery settings.

Passing the white wonderland section with sparkling diamante reindeer, crystal trees and Santas clad in white suits, you then pass the animal themed area where this year alpacas seems to be high on the list of must have items.

These gorgeous pink alpacas located in the pastel themed area were the last few left after only being in the store for a week! They would look lovely all year round in a sweet little girls room and not just for Christmas.

There are sections with the very traditional, the very modern and of course every possible option that lies in between! There is literally something for everyone's Christmas decor tastes.

At the rear of the store there is an area that is all about gold!

There's the peacock coloured area with a large urn that even looks like a peacock, with all the cool turquoises and greens you could ever want. Yes, even the urn is for sale!

In the same area with similar colour theme is a seaside section, star fish and shells to hang on your tree and even a small tree made from tiny abalone shells with their pearly interiors.

If you love olde worlde traditional Christmas style these items are may stir up your festive spirit!

Lets not forget something for the children or the young at heart, a variety of pastel gingerbread houses and accompanying pastel clad characters.

Do I have dozens more photos to share - yes I certainly do, but this post has to end somewhere, I know - I can hear your communal sigh from here. But I hope my visit inspires you to make a trip to the Bredbo Christmas Barn or if you live too far away to a Christmas store near you to get your Christmas spirit flowing.

The people at the barn work pretty much 7 days a week, unpacking the new arrivals that are turning up on an almost daily basis, stocking shelves, answering questions, the phone, social media enquiries - it's endless. But they do it with a smile and a joyful heart that really does spread the Spirit Of Christmas throughout the store, as corny as that sounds it's obvious that they love what they do and it shows.

Then when it's all over they dismantle the whole lot - yes, everything and start over fresh for the Christmas to come. Talk about dedication!

Now, the good news is - if you see something here in this post or on their Facebook page (where they share some of the latest arrivals and even some videos of the store) that you just must have but can't get to Bredbo to collect, then they are happy to post items to you. BUT you will need to be very specific about what you want, they simply don't have time to track down every gold reindeer in store to send you photos of for example. So make it easy for them to help you out, and that way they have time to help all the other lovers of Christmas who also have a twinkle in their eye at the thought of finding that special something for their home this Christmas.

But the really goods news is that there is still plenty of time between now and Christmas for me to make another trip to the most magical Christmas place I know!

Even better news - maybe you will also get to share the joy of Christmas at the Bredbo Christmas Barn this year!

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1 Comment

Jul 02, 2021

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Jan commented on "A visit to the Bredbo Christmas Barn - Magical!"

Oct 12, 2018

I used to go once per year and buy an heirloom item and they stay out for me to admire all year round...not been for some time now. I keep promising myself!!! I well remember the first time I ever went there. I think it took me a good 10 minutes before my mouth closed...I was SOOOO gobsmacked!!!

Penny commented on "A visit to the Bredbo Christmas Barn - Magical!"

Oct 12, 2018

Wow my head is spinning with…

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