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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

Natural Brass Cleaner

We have a brass bed in our guest room that was tarnished and in need of a good clean. I didn't want to use harsh chemical though so used an old time recipe that works wonders.

Paste applied to one half of brass bed knob

It also super easy, which is always a bonus.

Just mix together 1 teaspoon of salt into half a cup of vinegar to dissolve the salt. Then add enough plain flour to make a paste.

Rub it onto your brass, let it sit for 5 -10 minutes then wipe off. Works great as you can from this brass bed knob, half was left untreated the other half after treatment.

Paste removed and you can clearly see the change on the cleaned half

Once you have the brass cleaned, I then recommend you seal with a brass sealer to prevent it tarnishing again over time.


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