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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

DIY Bucket Birdhouse

Create this cute birdhouse on a stand using a small tin craft bucket.

This little birdhouse is a versatile decor item, great as a table centrepiece for a party or use it to add height to a Spring decor display.

You will need:

1 tin craft bucket - 15cm high

Approx 30cm square piece of thin cork sheet

A piece of wood block for the base

An old baluster post, spindle or even a piece of dowel

White flat paint

A small 10mm dowel or stick for the perch

Double sided tape

A wooden bead and pin with large head

Optional - faux greenery and jute string

Strong glue, hot glue, wood screws and something round to frame the entrance opening

Step 1: Remove the handle from the bucket and bend the handle tabs over into the bucket.

Use a drill bit the size of your perch to create a hole in the lower side of the bucket. Use a metal hole saw in your drill or cut a hole with tin snips for the entrance.

Step 2: Glue an old washer or a thick piece of wire wrapped around a pipe to the correct size as a frame around the entrance hole you made to tidy it up. You could also use some thin rope or similar.

Step 3: Cut a piece of wood for the base and sand the top edges back to add a little character or use a drop saw if you have one set at 45 degrees. Drill a hole in the centre.

Trim your baluster/spindle/dowel to a height that you find pleasing and drill a hole in the centre top and bottom for your wood screws to hold it to the base, and also to attach the bucket - don't drill the full length of your screws, leave a little for the screw to bite into the wood.

Step 4: Paint all 3 pieces with a flat white pain - I used a flat spray paint.

When dry, distress the timber parts a little if you like that look. For the bucket I sprayed it with some alcohol inks and dabbed it a tad to spread the ink to simulate a little rust.

Step 5: Cut a circle from your cork, then cut out a wedge from the circle like a piece of pie so you can then bend the cork and overlap the section to form a cone for the roof. If your cork is bit floppy like mine was, glue a smaller circle of cardboard on the inside of the cork a few centimetres shorter in width so you don't see it to help stiffen the roof. Do this before bending the cork into the cone.

Glue the overlapping cork and clamp in place until dry.

Once it is dry use some hot glue on the bucket top edge to hold your cork roof in place and top it off with a small wooden bead held in place with a decorative pin or glue it if you prefer.

Step 6: Stain the perch dowel if using one to a colour you prefer and when dry push it a small amount into the hole you made for it.

Create a small wreath from your faux greenery and use a piece of jute string to hang it from the top of your bucket so it sits around the entrance hole - secure it inside with some glue or tape. Use a small bit of double sided tape top and bottom of the wreath to secure it to the bucket so it stays in place.

I also placed a little bit of coconut fibre inside the entrance to simulate a birds nest inside.

Hope you find this fun little project to do.


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