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Flea Market / Antique Store Finds - Some of my favourites

If like me you love vintage or antique finds but don't love the price tag in the retail stores, then flea markets and garage sales are probably one of your favourite places to spend and hour or so on a weekend.

Finding the perfect piece for a project, or just finding a piece you had no idea you wanted until you saw it is a big part of the fun - and even bigger fun - getting said piece at a bargain price!

These are some of my recent favourite flea market finds!

Old church window frame $60 - I love this piece, it took quite a lot of elbow grease to get rid of years of awful paint choices to reveal most of the natural wood beneath, leaving just some of the original white paint for a chippy used look. We hung it above the family room fireplace and it stands out as a real eye catching piece as it has a direct line of site all the way from the kitchen.

I hang different things on the front from a ribbon that suspends from a very conveniently located strong fixture at the top of the mirror that is original to the piece. I have had picture frames on it, currently a magnolia leaf wreath and of course a Christmas style wreath at Christmas time.

Wooden 1930's oak picture frame $10 - it matches exactly the frame in my framed plates post. I found this one first at a local market and later on paid $45 in an antique store for one slightly larger.

I love using the frame to frame another framed print or whatever takes my fancy. It adds an extra level of design to the wall without being too busy.

Brass twist lamp base $10 - this one I had seen at a market but let it go as I wasn't sure the electrics were safe. I must have been meant to have it though as a few weeks later my sister asked me to collect some old tea chests. She had bought them from a vintage items dealer when she had been visiting down this way. It turned out to be the same dealer I had seen at the market and the lamp base was sitting there in his shed! On closer inspection it also had an electricians test test tag attached declaring it safe to use. I bought it home and added a simple natural fabric lamp shade and now it sits in my entry way.

Small wall mirror $45 - I found this sweet little mirror that probably came off a dresser at vintage store in a nearby town. This one was just what I was looking for to go above the vintage writing bureau near the front door in my entry.

Perfect for a quick inspection as you leave the house to ensure your hair hasn't been getting creative whilst you weren't looking, or that your mascara hadn't decided to take a road trip to parts of your eye it wasn't meant to be.

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