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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

Old Bed Posts As Wall Decor

It was actually some time ago I did this, but just realised I never shared it before & it's so easy to do! The hardest part could be finding an old baluster or bed post like I did. I found two posts for just $15 from a local antique store. I only used one post for this - that's just $3.75 per new wall decor!

Basically it's a 3 step process that you can easily do in an afternoon.

1. Take an old worn decorative bed post or staircase baluster/newel post and cut it lengthwise. Hubby did this for me with the circular saw, but you could do it by hand if power tools don't hang out at your place. Just clamp the post down firmly to stop it moving whilst you saw.

2. Distress or paint as required - I loved the time worn look of these old bed posts and added a little more distressing to them.

3. Add a hanger - we used those ones that look like a keyhole that fit over a screw in the wall (use wall mates if you don't have a wall frame to screw into behind were you want to hang them). I like this type of hanger as it allows the wood to sit flush on the wall, you do need to cut out a little area of wood on the back of the post to fit the hangar into which can be done by hand with a wood chisel, or you can use a router if you have one.

That's it! Hang them and enjoy how they add substance to a picture, helping to anchor it in the wall space so it doesn't look so alone or in what ever way you find pleasing. :)


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