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Spring Returns To The Farm Garden

It's been a cold Winter and it's icy fingers have not yet completely let go of us, but the plant and animal life here on the farm is forging ahead regardless - Spring is in the air and nothing is holding it back.

Warning - Floral Eye Candy Ahead!

The first signs that Spring is almost here for me are the Daffodils, their warm colour tones brighten the last weeks of Winter and first weeks of Spring, pushing through the garden mulch to emerge below the still leafless trees, they are like little golden promises of warmer days to come and they can bring the sunshine to even the dullest day. Yep, daffodils are high on the ingredients list to make it a happy day.

Just in case you missed them - here is a close up! Feel even happier now?

Another early bird in the garden are the Grape Hyacinths, I ordered a pack of mixed grape hyacinths this year and some of them turned out to be these lovely doubles - a nice surprise and sometimes the mystery of what will appear from these mixed lots is half the fun.

My final contender for early to make an entrance flowers is the Helleborus. This plant goes under multiple names of Winter Rose, Lenten Rose and Christmas Rose in the northern hemisphere, but here in the south side of the world it's not exactly arriving at Christmas, but it's beautiful waxy blooms are certainly like little self opening presents.

Misty mornings are a regular visitor in early Spring here in our part of the world and sometimes I'm even up early enough to enjoy them! I'm not a fan of the cold, but sometimes it's worth the sacrifice of numb fingers and a cold nose to capture moments likes these.

Finally, another dose of Daffodils - you're welcome!

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Jul 02, 2021

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Vicki commented on "Spring Returns To The Farm Garden"

Sep 16, 2018

Floral eye candy indeed. I bet their scent is divine, too.

Home On The Hill commented on "Spring Returns To The Farm Garden"

Sep 16, 2018

Yes, many of them are scented, but it's the osmanthus with the tiniest & most plain of flowers that packs the punch for scent in our garden.

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