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  • Julie @ Home On The Hill

5 Minute Easter Decor

These last minute Easter decor decorations literally took me 5 minutes each - it's never too late to decorate!

So, I'm a bit pressed for time here on the farm this week and wanted to add a little bit of Easter decor to the dining room so decided to see what I could rustle up on a whim.

I was so happy with the simple but sweet results I'm sharing my quick last minute Easter decor ideas with you. I just hunted around for items I had stashed away from previous Easter decor or general decor items and here is what I came up with.

Eggs In A Bowl

Can't get more Easter than the humble egg - I happened to have some artificial eggs I bought a few years back but no reason you could't use the real deal for a short period of time. Some were painted in pretty colours with little ribbons stuck on them, you easily do the same to real hollowed out eggs, but that would take more than the 5 minutes of course.

I grabbed an old ironstone tureen I usually store tapestry wool in from my craft room, filled it with some wood wool I had bought from the local dollar store but never used and placed my eggs on top. If you didn't have wood wool, you could just use some dry grass, straw, or even twigs from your garden.

I had some little alphabet beads in my craft store so threaded the word Easter onto some jute string & tied it around the top of the bowl. if you didn't have beads like mine, you could easily just use letters written or stamped on paper and glued to the string like little bits of bunting, so many ways to do this.

Bunny In A Bowl

This one was so quick to do. I grabbed a wooden bowl I had in my decor stash, placed a plastic container in it upside down and sat a ceramic bunny rabbit on top. Stole some faux lambs ears and hydrangea from other arrangements and placed them around the base. I then tied a little bit of left over leaf jute string I had around the bunny's neck.

To add a little more detail to this you can easily write EASTER on the side of the wood in chalk, then you can just remove it when it's Easter decor duty is over.

Happy Easter from Home On The Hill


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