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Winter's Magic Moments

The last month of Winter has arrived but mother nature isn't slowing down with her Wintery presence here on the farm. Here are some of the magical moments captured on a very frosty morning - sometimes it's worth getting out early and braving the cold to enjoy the magical moments of Winter!

The frost on the edges of the leaves turns them in variegated plants for just an hour or so!

The pines take on the look of those faux frosted Christmas trees you can buy.

Everyday farm equipment even joins in the magic!

The gates are frosted & so are the animals as the morning sun starts to filter through the trees.

The paddocks look like they are dusted in icing sugar that is still drifting down on the hills behind.

Beautiful cobweb curtains on 'windows' between shrubs & festooning the branches.

Winter may be cold, but these magical moments of Winter can warm your heart!

Time for a hot chocolate! I have an healthier hot chocolate recipe here!

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